Global Seed Genetics

Global Seed Genetics is a maize genetics and production company, located in Mexico, and focused on breeding and producing high quality maize seed for the tropical maize markets around the world. Our goal is to improve grower productivity and profitability through providing improved hybrid maize seed products for tropical maize environments.

Primary business activities for Global Seed Genetics include:

  • White and yellow tropical maize plant breeding and hybrid development;
  • Germplasm sales and licensing for Latin America;
  • High-quality hybrid maize seed production;
  • Global testing and licensing of proprietary tropical hybrid maize seed;

Contact Us:

  • Global Seed Genetics
  • Av. 5 de febrero 1351
  • Torre SEQUOIA int 204
  • C.P. 76120
  • Querétaro, Querétaro, México